Friday, November 27, 2015


Advance praise for
The Boys in the Boathouse

“I laughed, I cried, I soiled myself... Can’t wait for the movie!”          
- Devo

“You’ve done the sport a grave disservice… Of course, I know nothing about the damn sport…”   
- Babs

“Better be fucking good book or I find you, fucking crew guy, and return favor of ladder bung.”   
- Uli

“What the hell. I paid good money for this book, I’ve read it three times and my name’s not in here anywhere!”   
- Magee

 “What’s that smell? Wait a second, never mind. It’s probably me.”  
- Goog

“I wish that girl had warned me.”   
- Monica Lewinsky

“I’m gonna come back and kick all you fuckers out of school retroactively.”   
- Milo

“I get that it’s a novel, you gotta make shit up. But why fuck with the truth when the real story is even better?”     
- Lucky

“Fucking brilliant!”     
- Some gruntie

“I mean, really. You should see my dry cleaning bill.”   
- Lewinsky, again

“Redemption. Thank you. What was that little fucking peckerhead’s name again?”   
- the guy called Hubbard

“I got Hub– ow! Fuck!”  
- that little fucking peckerhead

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