Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Boys in the Boathouse

The Boys in the Boathouse
A Novel -- really, none of this ever happened -- by Dr. Frank Emfbo
Link to the whole book right here. 

Advance praise for The Boys in the Boathouse

New guy’s first look.

Three rings and a phone bung.

Intimidation. All for show.

Anatomy lesson

That’s why we’re here

Some guys need their own chapter

Shiny new grunties

A whole new world

Mea Culpa is not enough

27-year-old German basketball gruntie

Mama would be proud

Nothing much. Just the Wine of the Century

…finish this sentence.

Heavy metal blappity blap

The Boathouse up in smoke

Heroes of Rowing

Dive bar or dive bar?

The blow to the gut

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